Our Policies:

Additionally, in 2012 we formalized a set of policies regarding our commitment to RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil) 2013 Principles & Criteria (P&C) for sustainable palm oil production. Our policies are as follows:


  • - No deforestation of HCS and HCV areas
  • - No development on peat land
  • - Maintain biodiversity
  • - Promote and enforce occupational safety and health
  • - Promote equal opportunity regardless of sex, race or religion
  • - Zero tolerance on sexual harassment
  • - Respect universal human rights including compliance with ILCO convention
  • - Continue to uphold FPIC (free prior and to informed consent) on land right
  • - Abide  by anti-bribery and corruption standards






Our policies are applied to all daily business transactions and trading relationships. Additionally we look forward to maintaining our partnership with the RSPO and other trade, government and non-governmental organisations in order to influence positive changes and improvements to the palm oil industry, public policy, regulations and governance.


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