Our Commitment

By being an active member of the palm oil industry, we have become fully aware of the impacts our activities have on populations and the environment. We are dedicated to ensuring that all operations are carried out sustainably, thus providing responsible production for partners and customers while respecting social and environmental values.


As a result, we commit to:

  • Respecting the legal and national rules. Regulating all activities starting from production, through to processing and the export of our products.
  • Minimising the impact industrial activities have on the environment
  • Protecting our employees by minimising occupational hazards by providing appropriate personal protective equipment and acceptable health coverage
  • Providing a fulfilling work environment, with opportunities for positive personal and professional development, with access to training courses
  • Respecting and understanding the needs of the local communities by implementing development initiatives such as employment creation, voluntary-based social projects, and providing support for schools and local farmers
  • Certifying our oil palm activities accordingly with the RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil), ISPO (Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil) and ISSC (international sustainability & carbon certification), which focuses on environmental and social aspects


Globally, palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil, positively contributing towards the economic growth of many developing countries. Consequently, due to the rapid expansion of palm oil plantations, arising challenges have been a result. We are addressing these challenges by:

  • Using our role as a global supply chain to our advantage.
  • Promoting responsible and sustainable sources of palm oil
  • Committed to building respected relationships with our sources of palm oil


Our commitment applies to our entire supply chain network. We continuously strive to improve on the ways we operate on a daily basis, and to do this we will focus on:

  • Evaluating our palm oil use
  • Setting formalised sustainable policies to support and guide all stakeholders
  • Requesting suppliers to identify the use of derivatives in our ingredients