We welcome feedback through the use of grievance forms, as we find that feedback is valuable for company growth, displaying compliance, implementing the best practices and transparency about our operations. We will address any concern or issue.




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The grievance must include the following:

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Grievance log:


We recognise the importance of the environment and the rich biodiversity that exists within. Our sustainability policies cover the protection of biodiversity, and the conservation of areas containing High Conservation Value (HCV), High Carbon Stock (HCS) and peat. Daily activities along our entire supply chain operate with a stringent commitment to these policies, ensuring no degradation to the environment and biodiversity.


Before we begin development of any kind, we have teams to conduct environmental and biodiversity surveys, and identify areas of HCV, HCS and peat. Once development and operations begin, continuous supervision and monitoring is carried out, and we aim for high traceability of land management.


Additionally we work closely with local communities and smallholders to raise awareness about the importance of environmental protection, and at the same time provide guidance towards sustainable practices of land. Moreover nurture the implementation of our sustainability policies and standards.