Our Products

We provide a complete range of products sourced from palm oil, with the two main products being the highly versatile edible oils and specialty fats. We source our products responsibly and sustainably to meet the demands of today, as palm oil becomes increasingly popular within multiple business sectors such as food manufacturing and personal care. We take great care in being able to deliver top quality throughout our entire supply chain, and ensure our products are both customer friendly and environmentally friendly.



Edible Oil: 


Crude palm oil is refined into RBD palm olein, which is an edible oil that holds an exceptional number of uses within the food industry, utilised for food preparation, flavouring and as a frying oil for cooking i.e. the qualities within palm oil make it an excellent choice for deep frying.



Specialty fats: 


RBD Stearin is used as a specialty fat, a specifically formulated palm oil utilised as a replacement fat within the food industry. Specialty fats are particularly popular within the production of confectionaries i.e. chocolate coating fats, cakes and cream filling. Our specialty fats products include - cocoa butter substitutes (CBS), cocoa butter replacers (CBR), filling fats, creaming fats and ice-cream fats.





Shortening is a solid fat at room temperature and is widely used within bakery. It aids in creating desired textures when baking, creating products that are tender, flaky and crumbly.  Our products are marketed under respected brands such as Sedaap, Sabrina, Neo, Le Supreme and Gustoso.



Our top range of quality products meets the requirements and demands of all of our customers, as we believe in being able to deliver nothing but the best. High standards, quality control and ethical, sustainable production goes into all of our products before being available to our customers.