Our Certificates

As a result of international criticism of the practices involved in the palm oil industry, multiple certification schemes have been set up within recent years, to promote the sustainable production and manufacture of palm oil and palm kernel oil. Certifications aim to improve the sustainability of palm oil cultivation, addressing the environmental and social problems associated with the expansion of palm oil plantations. Certification schemes provide a way of resolving these potential problems.






The RoundTable of Sustainable Palm Oil is a globally recognised certification with the goal of guiding sustainable palm oil,by providing strict social and environmental criteria for organisations to follow in order to produce sustainably. Their aim is to minimise environmental degradation and social inequality. RSPO operate within every sector of the palm oil supply chain and currently has over 4000 members




International Sustainability & Carbon Certification is a global initiative developed by a multi-stakeholder approach and as well by research organizations. ISCC is governed by an association currently with 55 members. ISCC has a global scope, covering all types of biomass and biofuels. ISCC is orientated towards the reduction of GHG emissions, the sustainable use of land, the protection of natural biospheres and social sustainability. We have obtained ISCC certification for its 28, 031, 91 hectares of plantations including 4 mills and 1 refinery



ISPO is a policy adopted by the government of Indonesia, with the aim of enhancing the competitiveness of Indonesian palm oil in the world market and in order to reduce greenhouse gases as well as to reduce environmental issues. We have received ISPO certification for 20,496, 53 hectares of plantations and 4 mills



Other Certifications: